Saturday, November 29, 2008

Majlis penutup sekolah 2008.

The annual school closure for this year is on the 23rd of November 2008. This ceremony was done with the PTA members. Here are some pictures i uploaded on my bubble share.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Bengkel Sukan di SR Tutong Kem bagi Kawasan Tutong II 22 hingga 24-11-08

berinteraksi dengan pembengkel mengenai soalan-soalan perubahan teknik dan teknik bru.

menikmati jamuan sambil berinteraksi dengan pembengkel

praktikal sukan.

mendengar arahan

menyimpan kerusi ke tepi bagi mempraktikkan praktikal

cikgu Fadilullah mendengar apa yang disampaikan oleh pembengkel.

pembengkel memberi penerangan.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Educational Visit: Royal Regalia Gallery (alat-alat Kebesaran diraja) version2 pictures voluntarily taken by cikgu Md Fadilullah.

Teachers counting the children to check all were there, but I wasn't I was lost (just joking)

picture of the front of the royal regalia building.

u-turn at the highway. (note passenger took the picture)

picture of the kids getting ready to form a line

the buses arriving beside the Royal Regalia parking area.

another picture of the teachers counting the kids

picture of the teachers

a picture of all the staff and students of SRARTM on the visit.

another school on the educational visit.

cikgu Fadilullah taking thier picture.

releif after a long trip

a roadblock which delayed our buses, but atleast they are concerned over every motorist's safety

Educational Visit: Royal Regalia Gallery (alat-alat Kebesaran diraja)

getting ready to load the buses

royal regalia building shot taken by me

cikgu Hjh Hasnita in the bus

Cikgu Fadilullah explaining directions

ustaz showing the two children where to head.

outside the royal regalia building, the children and teachers opened their shoes.

the children after a long trip from school.

listening to what the teachers are telling them

Cikgu Masyati, Hjh Maslaurena, Md Fadilullah

bus drivers and conductors

from left to right: Cikgu Md Fadilullah, Cikgu Hjh Hasnita, Cikgu Nurhidayah, Cikgu Rahmah (not seen)

Ustaz Mahmud Hj Md Salleh with the children

the children with cikgu Nurhidayah and cikgu Rahmah

cikgu Seri Suraziah happy!!!

going down... eager to visit.

these pictures are taken by myself during the visit. (on Wednesday 19th November 2008)

SPN21 talk for 21st educational scheme physical education

Saturday 15th November 2008
Participants who are teachers teaching year 4 and 1 from all the primary schools in Brunei.
venue was at the new Co-curiculum building, Airport Lama. Berakas.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday 15th November 2008 (Kampong Ayer Outing)

Cikgu Maaruf (nice posing!!!), Masyati (taking photo) on another boat

Cikgu Hjh Hasnita with peace pose (on the boat) :)

tranqulity mosque view from the boat

told them not to play with water, hmm really hard to resist a giant bathtub eh.

a picture of the MOE boat, really colourful ain't it?

Primary 4 in the boat with Cikgu Nurhidayah, Suri and Me.

Ministry of Education boats where we departed from areas of portview, Yayasan complex

the departure area in pusar ulak was having a low tide so we had to load on yayasan complex.
off we go...

happy arriving at the Pusar Ulak area, unexpected, we had to load at Yayasan

students and teacher getting ready from school

Cikgu Masyati and Nurhidayah in one of the buses, i was at the front.

bus number one

bus number 2

posing for the group photo, all the upper primary and teachers included.

Ak Abd Qawi posing with the dynamic background.

anyways these pictures are not in random order, will post more pics which the staff picks
enjoy!!..... admin.