Saturday, January 31, 2009

Windows live messenger... @ SR Telisai Tutong II

The workshop was on Tuesday 27th January 2009, time 2.00pm. At Dewan Serbaguna, SR Tumpuan Telisai. Tutong II

2 teachers (year6 and assistant ICT teacher) from each school went there to get a "head start" on the introduction in using windows live messenger in education using english language.

Cikgu Hajah Hasnita as year 6 teacher.

the instructors who are chosen teachers to introduce us about windows live messenger or MSN

teachers from Tutong II registering msn accounts for their children

cikgu Samsul Bin Hj Hamidon (left) ( admin was also there

Me, explaining to a friend from another school about his MSN account

SPN21 Using Computers MS paint in Drawing and design

Here are some pictures of year 5 using Ms Paint to draw some pictures (mainly abstract) using Microsoft paint.

using the IWB teacher draws a picture to show how to use MS Paint for drawing

Md Zulwafiy concentrating using shapes and fill in colours for his digital masterpiece

Md Rusyaidi also designing with colours his digital masterpiece.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The establishment of the "SPN21 Comittee" Sek Ren Abdul Rashid 2009

On Wednesday 14th January 2009, in the afternoon, our school teachers had a meeting discussing and establishing the SPN21 education comittee at the meeting room in the afternoon as part of the staff development.

Discussing the SPN21 Comittee

Mr Fadillulah jotting down the important points from the meeting

Mr Terengganu listening to the agendas brought out.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Our First co curiccular activity.

(10 January 2009) (7:30-8:30)
This is the first co curricular activity for the first saturday of the SPN21

stretching of the hands

balancing and stretching

stretching the calves

Ustaz also joins the healthy stretching

Cikgu Hjh Maslaurena also demonstrating the stretching

sports spirits are high

kindergarten also joined the activity, some even eager to try it with the school uniform.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A new year, a new phase, a new system the first day of SPN21.

Guru Besar Hjh Nurul Inani Bte Hj Ahmad Kumpoh.
Is giving her first speech for the first time this year on the first assembly and raising the national flag and national anthem.

The new class and new cement at the assembly point, done during the holidays.

the sixth year students with a new spirit to learn and aim for excellence

the teachers, ready for the new system and fresh to teach.

cikgu Maaruf and the students on the new cement for assembly point

also a new replacement for the staff and headmaster's room, windows turn to aluminium sliding windows.

a new pathway to the canteen.

a parent sending his son to get ready for education in the kindergarten 2009 session.

Align Center

new Kindergarten students and parents coming to school and register their children.

Kindergarten students with name tags to recognise their names, looks of determination.. :)