Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The morning of our National Patriotic March (for our 25th National Day)

These are the pictures of our National March in conjunction with our 25th national day 2009

picture from: http://www.bt.com.bn/en/files/images/photos/2008-12-03/jubli_pe.jpg

Sunday, February 22, 2009

sign language workshop 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009


a useful site for learning mathematics.

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera

I was searching for materials on mathematics and angles on the web and i thought i should share some resources with the readers.

click on the link below to go to website.


hope this is useful for all the teachers,

it's also added to the link below under useful links for teachers. thanks


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 7 @ SRARTMT (Cleaning time!) Arrivals from the Ministry Of Education, Brunei

arrival of the higher Authorities to see the affected areas first hand.

this is the pathway to the hall and it is still flooded.

Arrival from Ministry Of Education of Brunei, (above) Cikgu Datin Paduka Dayang Apsah tu.(SUT-CE) MOE (below)Cikgu Talipudin. Thanks for the concern and coming to our school, we appreciate it :)

Bare footed, cikgu Kani walks at the flooded area.

From JSS Tutong, (above) Cikgu Kani, (below) Cikgu Rahman,

Under the old building Staircase, Cikgu Fadillulah, Cikgu Rahmah and Cikgu Nurhidayah concentrating on cleaning the bookrack without knowing i was taking a picture.

waa!!! is it raining?, Cikgu Rahmah was surprised when she was sweeping the staircase and Yakub (night watchman) poured a bucket of water for her ease because the mud tends to solidify if it is not wet.

the tree musketeers!!! NOT! still there are footprints after cleaning the floor, but atleast it's not that dirty as before.

Cikgu Terengganu sweeps the thick silt after the flood at the assembly point with this version of outdoor broom.

Taking a break, after cleaning year 1 and Kindergarten class.

Cleaning the Kindergarten and the worst class ever affected, Our Principal (Hjh Nurul Inani) and (Administration Teacher) Cikgu Maaruf

Our Principal, and directors.

As the representative of our school, we are grateful for the arrival of relevant authorities in this natural disaster mishap. Thankyou once again.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 6 @ SRARTMT From 7 am to 4 pm.

This was my activity with Cikgu Fadillulah during 7 am to 4 pm. On our duty in setting up the announcement notice and looking at our school conditions today.

Meeting being held in JSS Tutong (because SRARTMT is still flooded) as how to solve certain issues due to the flash flood.

Cikgu Masyati writing the wording of the announcement with Cikgu Marhani

concentrating on highlighting the wording of the official announcement which will be put in front of our school for notice.

on arrival, i snapped the picture where the actual location i was standing was once flooded

look at the water level and cikgu Fadillulah's knees.. this was at the old building.

this is the condition of the kitchen this afternoon, look at the wooden chair, where the wood is expanded and damaged due to humidity and the highest water level on Friday.

the conditions in the main hall

notice the second step, at the new building where the debris of the flood left it's mark.

still wet and full of debris, the kindergarten's chairs were actually floating at the highest flood level.

the view from our staffroom this afternoon shows how dirty our school is with the flood debris, look at the benches, it's moved from it's original location.

the place outside the gates where the crocodile should lurk, anyways we don't dare to disturb it :)

the afternoon Religious Teachers, one who is Uztaz Sallehin

as i drove on the way back, i noticed the level of the last flood visible on this wall. to the left the building where the cook spotted a crocodile this morning while we had our meeting at JSS.

the final touch before we headed home, a picture of the flooded school and it's announcement notice.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

day 5 @ SRARTMT

21:00 hrs

Cikgu Maaruf and Cikgu Fadillulah was there

the night watchman (Yakub) was also there

Taken by Cikgu Fadillulah

what were we looking at? Notice the water level is retreating showing the level is lower.

this was what we were looking at. a Leech.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


getting ready to go, cikgu Fadillulah and cikgu Terengganu went first.

the Kindergarten room water level is rising from yesterday.

cikgu Terengganu saving what can be saved in the kindergarten class.

notice the bench is now floating.

Ustaz Mahmud showing the water level is decreasing, where yesterdat the water was crossing this road.

yesterday the water is higher, look closely at the aircondition's side radiator coil.

infront of the school's gate, where the water level is highest.

cikgu Fadillulah testing the water level on the road.


notice the water from Omarali's residence to the road of SRARTMT.

last night's photos shows difference from the stairs to the water.

the resident junction is partly flooded and show the water level is rising.

photo courtesy of Streetkandy@flickr.com. >showing the kampong residents together are giving helping hands relocating the flood victim's possessions.

Latest News

this afternoon Cikgu Fadillullah, Cikgu Maaruf and Cikgu Terengganu went to school to see what had happened to our school, they reported "two of the white benches have been floated away and the water level is above the knees high now!"

lets hope tomorrow brings more happy news! amiin.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

LATEST PHOTO after 19:45 hours.

I was passing by and snapped some shots of the junction to school. The water is rising again!

a picture of the juntion to our school, where our staff used to park their vehicles this morning.

another picture showing the road to ours school is barely visible. only the lamp posts shows this is our school road.

Note: school electricity is cut off from the main switch board to prevent short circuit due to humidity from yesterday 4-2-09.

23:30 onwards:

Report from Cikgu Fadillulah "the water infront of the resident before the flat was under his knees this morning and now rises up above his knees" residents near our school junction is now facing flood waters entering their houses.

Tomorrow, both of us will be going there to look at the conditions, will update soon.

lets hope and pray.... for the best.

Pictures of the flash flood day 2 @ SRARTMT.

taken @ 7 to 12.30 @ SRARTMT
and the water is still rising.

crossing the flooded road with GB in the morning

before we went into my 4x4

Cikgu Alikhan From "Unit Hal Ehwal Antarbangsa dan Perhubungan Awam, Kementrian Pendidikan"was also there to document our flooded school. Thankyou for coming to our school. your concern is very appreciated.

water rises over the new building.

cikgu Fadillulah testing the deepness of the football field

todays picture of SRARTMT view from our staffroom.(look closely at the benches)

a picture of SRARTMT's year 1 classroom (beside the Kindergarten room)

it was raining again to noon... and the the water level was quickly rising.

remember... yesterday's photo? cikgu fadillulah now shows the level of the water near to noon during the rain. (notice the water is flowing rapidly..)

conditions behind the hall. where yesterday there was only 3/4 of this area with water.