Saturday, January 30, 2010

after a week observing...Teaching and learning

25th January 2010, Early morning... there was an assembly for the new TP teachers sent to our school for their training.
The admins and staff of SRARTMT welcomes the 3 Teaching Practice teachers from UBD.

we hope you enjoy our school and learn new things and experience.

from left to right:

Hanni Hiryaney Halangan teaching Malay, Art and ICT

Liaw Chai Sia teaching English, Pelajaran Am and Art

Janey Koh Yen Yen teaching Maths and Science.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some scenes of the ICT activity in school

children learning and reading the new books of "Discover ICT" for year 1 and 2.  Internet, powerpoint and IWB to teach children basics of art and it's colours.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Energy Savings talk 16th of January 2010

Early morning 16th January 2010, Cikgu Hjh Hasnita gave a talk on Energy saving today.

children listening to what the teacher is saying on how to save energy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT! school prefects, monitors given their ties and laces.

Early morning...Cikgu Fadillullah announced the 2010 prefects and class monitors. After our weekly recital of the "Surah Ya-siin". the School congratulates the children who are chosen to be prefects and monitors of S.R.A.R Tanjong Maya, Tutong

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thursday 14th January 2010


Announcement to all parents/guardians:

On this day (Thursday 14th January 2010) we will be having the school class photo taking session. Parents and guardians please be informed that on this day your children will be using the proper school uniform. Children with P.E. should also bring their sports attire.

thanks wasalam.

Co Curricular activities..

Here is the link for our educational Co curricular activity plan throughout Brunei, primary and secondary 2010.


i hope this is useful for you all


Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here is a slideshow taken from start to end of our first co curucular activity for the year.. conducted by Cikgu Fadillullah and Cikgu Andyasri.

It was held in our auditorium despite the morning rain. Some teachers aren't fit to join the exercise watched our activity.

Random pictures of the newcomers...

Happy New Year..

Monday, 4th of January the parents and children were given an introduction of how the pra works..

In the cold early morning of Tuesday 5th of January, the second day of school.. parents and children are busy. Ready to learn new things at school.

here are some pictures of the Kindergarten (pra) and what happens that day.

Pre school children come to school with their parents.

Energised.. after getting consent from his mom, he started to enter the kindergarten class.

with name tags. for the children and teachers to recognise them.

Hjh Marhani, the Pre School teacher hands out the name tags to the new children.